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Have a bad credit? You deserve a financial friend too

Bad things happen to good people as well. Although bad credit is a sign of mismanagement of finances, this is not a cause for all time. Life is not always straightforward. It can throw the curveballs that can shift your focus from financial obligations for a while. EasyLoanHub believes that your past should not come in the way of your future, and therefore we do provide bad credit loans.

Key features:

Minimum amount £1,000
Maximum amount £10,000
Approval rate 98%
Repayments Flexible
Paper work Very little
Collateral No security deposit required

What are bad credit loans?

Long Term Loan Process

As the name suggests, a bad credit loan is a type of unsecured loan taken out to fund small and large financial needs when your credit rating is not stellar. These are also known as personal loans for bad credit.

Finding the best loans for bad credit is challenging because each lender charges different interest rates. Now you do not need to worry about them because we charge the most competitive interest rates.

As we do not charge setup fees, unlike other online lenders, you will find our deals cheaper than theirs.

What financial needs to meet with fast loans for bad credit?

Many people assume that fast loans for bad credit are payday loans. These loans can fund your smaller needs, and they are not payday loans. These unsecured loans aim at bad credit borrowers. Whether you borrow £1,000 or £10,000, you will pay down the debt in fixed monthly instalments.

As these loans can allow you to borrow a large amount of money, you can use them for multiple purposes. Take a look at them:

To consolidate your outstanding debts

Financial life does not go smoothly as always. Despite a significant amount of money in your savings, you may need to borrow to fund your expenses. You sooner rather than later find yourself under multiple debts. When it is hard for you to tackle them simultaneously, small personal loans for bad credit will be the best bet.

You will take out a new loan and use that money to pay off all your outstanding debts. Then, you will be left with only a personal loan to be paid down in instalments over a period.

To buy furniture

If you need a new piece of furniture and your savings have fallen short of cash, online loans for bad credit will help furnish your house. These loans are specifically ideal when you have moved to a new location and want to buy updated furniture.

To buy a car

Bad credit may keep you from using dealership financing options. If you try to fund it with an auto loan from other lenders, your credit record must be good. If they approve it with a poor credit rating, the deposit size will be much larger.

It can be difficult to finance a car with a good deal with so many strings attached but do not panic. We offer personal car loans at affordable interest rates.

To home renovation

Do you want to refurbish your home? Most online lenders will restrict you from borrowing as much as you need due to a less-than-perfect credit score, but our flexible deals will let you make your home cosier and more stylish.

Just let us know how much you need; we will give you a helping hand keeping your financial security in mind.

There could be a lot of reasons to apply for bad credit loans, and they all cannot be explained here. No matter why you need money, you do not need to hesitate from letting us know. We will try our best to provide you with bespoke deals that suit your current financial needs

Can I take out loans for bad credit for funding my business?

Yes, you can take out loans for bad credit to fund your business. A business loan seems to be the best alternative in such a scenario as you can avail of features and benefits that other loans may not offer, but they are quite more expensive than personal loans. Further, they require you to have a good credit rating and to have spent at least 12 months in your business.

Likely, you may not meet the eligibility criteria for business loans. If you have been disqualified from applying for these loans, you can consider the alternative. A bad credit loan from direct lenders like us can help fund your business expenses.

Despite a less-than-prefer credit rating, you will get these loans from us at attractive interest rates. There are several types of expenses that you can meet with these loans, for instance:

  • You want to buy equipment.
  • You need money for a start-up cost.
  • You have got a profitable investing project.
  • You need to buy office space.

No matter why you need money, we will evaluate your repaying capacity to determine the lending amount so you do not struggle to make payments down the line.

Long Term Loan Process

I have defaulted on a previous loan with EasyLoanHub. Am I eligible

Yes, you are eligible to apply for a loan even if you have made a default on the previous loan with us. Your poor credit rating clearly indicates that you have made defaults in the past. It is no longer important which lender you have made a default on.

We will run a credit check to see your credit score, recent defaults and repaying capacity. As long as you can prove to repay the money you are borrowing, we will sign off on your application.

Long Term Loan Process

You can still get better interest rates if you apply for bad credit loans with us.

  • The recent default must be at least six-months-old.
  • You should not have outstanding debt at the time of applying for the loan.
  • The last time you had borrowed money must be at least six months before the date you applied for a fresh loan.

We see you as a human being, not as a credit file, and therefore we are always ready to give you a helping hand regardless of a poor credit file. We assure you that you get money at affordable terms and conditions.

How much do bad credit loans cost?

It is impossible to tell you the cost of a bad credit loan because each borrower’s credit report and repaying capacity are considered to determine interest rates. We provide personalised loan deals that suit your current financial circumstances. What works for others may not work for you. The loan length also determines the total cost of bad credit loans with an instant decision.

Our interest rates generally vary between 49.9% and 99.9% depending on your credit file. An example has been given below for your better understanding:

Assumed loan amount £4,000
Repayment period 20 months
Representative APR 49.9%
Total amount payable £5593.73
Interest payments £1593.73
Monthly payments £279.69

You can use online loan calculators to get an idea of how much it will cost. This estimation can help you decide whether it makes sense to borrow this much money. Having some idea beforehand will help you make a better decision.

Why are bad credit loans ideal despite high-interest rates?

You may think that you should avoid applying for bad credit finance because they involve high-interest rates, but the fact is that these loans are risky only when you borrow more than your affordability. High-interest rates should not be the only factor to be considered to decide whether the loan is risky or not. In reality, these loans can help you a lot in many ways:

Increased credit score

Poor credit loans may help improve your credit rating, making it easier to avail of lower interest rates in the future. As instalments are paid down every month over a period, we will report your timely payments to credit reference agencies. This record will improve your credit file.

Best alternatives

Loans for bad credit are the best alternatives when you struggle to qualify for a business loan, car loan or home renovation loan. Your bad credit rating can keep you from getting approval for these loans, and if you get it, you will likely be paying very high-interest rates.

Consolidating of loans

If you want to get rid of multiple loan payments, you can consolidate all of them by taking out a bad credit loan. You will use the borrowed money to pay off all outstanding debts and then pay it down in fixed monthly instalments.

Best online loans for bad credit need to be criticised just because they carry higher interest rates. They come with various features that positively impact your overall credit rating.

Why should I apply it with EasyLoanHub?

Our company has lots of borrowers who have applied for the best personal loans for bad credit, and we are delighted to get positive feedback from them about our loans. We want to share what our borrowers admire about us:

  • Our application process is extremely quick.
  • We accept applications from very bad credit borrowers too.
  • We do not charge setup fees.
  • Our interest rates are lower than that of other lenders.

EasyLoanHub is an online lender that provides personalised bad credit loans based on your affordability. Although you can get these loans at competitive interest rates, it is also your responsibility to borrow what you can afford to pay back.


Can I take out extremely poor credit loans?

You can also take out these loans, provided you can repay the debt. We check credit rating, but we emphasise repaying capacity. If you have a CCJ, make sure it has been settled.

I am unemployed and have a less-than-fair credit score. Am I eligible?

Can I refinance a bad credit loan?

Will you make hard inquiries?

How can I apply for a loan with poor credit rating?