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Secure and Swift Unsecured Personal Loans Only for You!

Do you want a stable financial solution to calm down your financial emergency?

Do you need extra funding to buy you an asset?.

If your answer is yes, you are at the correct lending hub to avail of unsecured personal loans for bad credit. We are available online with advanced technology helping you get money within an hour. Of course, you do not have any barrier to transit credit score obligations.

Secure and Swift Unsecured Personal Loans

We work with a flexible and feasible approach. Our loan rates and terms are adaptable, matching everyone’s financial circumstances. You can choose your loan term and repayment mode to pay back the funds on time throughout the life of the loan.

There are always positive signs when you approach our professional lending service. The advantages that we provide are:-

  • Loans suit to everyone
  • Personalised loan offers with transparent service
  • 100% online application with maximum loan approvals
  • Available anytime and anywhere
  • No strict lending norms and no upfront charges

Are you looking for immediate funding irrespective of your poor credit history?

Why Choose EasyLoanHub for All Kinds of Personal Loans?

Our personalised unsecured loans for bad credit match those who find themselves trapped in unexpected expenses or look for instant access to funds. We are also the perfect lending place for those who want to have their start-ups but need money to fill the funding gap.

At EasyLoanHub, we know how to frame personal loans according to individuals’ needs. We have been providing our lending service for the last five years in the UK marketplace and know what sort of loans can solve particular financial problems.

In a short period, we have built a solid trust with our borrowers, and the network is still growing at a fast speed. We feel proud when we personally deal with aspirants’ financial issues and ensure they get suitable personal loans with the best rates and lending norms.

With us, you can instantly apply for a personal loan by sitting at your home, office or any comfortable place. You only need internet access to your laptop or Smartphone to have any of our bespoke loan products.

unsecured personal loans for poor credit

Choose an unsecured bad credit loan category that fits perfectly to your need:
loans for bad credit

Bad Credit Loans

Leave your credit score behind and start a new inning with credible credit history

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Home Collection Loans

Home Collection Loans

Apply for your desired amount at your home comfort by opting for our doorstep cash loans.

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Car Loans

Car Loans

Never walk away from the dream of buying a new car. Apply for our car loans for bad credit now.

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Long Term Loans

Long Term Loans

Fulfil your major financial goal on lower interest rates. We offer long term loans for bad credit online.

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Loans for Unemployed

Loans for Unemployed

No full-time job does not mean no cash flow. Our unemployed loans come beyond your credit past.

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Unsecured Loans for bad credit

Unsecured Loans

Apply for a personal loan with no risk at all. Get approval within minutes of unsecured loans.

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Monthly Instalment Loans

Monthly Instalment Loans

Do you want a loan on fixed and manageable monthly instalments? We offer you the same.

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Instant Cash Loans

Instant Cash Loans

Give a perfect reply to your extreme financial need. Submit application now for instant loans.

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Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Avail of adequate funding from us and start your business despite your low credit profile.

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Why Choose Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit Only?

You can have multiple unsecured loans with bad credit from a direct lender, which is reliable and relevant. You may think, why opt for unsecured loans only?

Secured loans are more reliable in getting ample funding with a longer loan term than unsecured loans. These allow you to manage monthly instalments with lower interest rates. At the same time, you also risk losing your collateral if you miss the repayments.

Unsecured loans, in contrast, eliminate that risk and give more freedom to the aspirants. You do not need to place a valuable asset to secure the borrowed sum. However, you avail a small borrowing amount essentially helpful during a financial emergency.

There are multiple features of applying for unsecured bad credit loans. The most significant of them are:-

No Prepayment Charges

If you want to prepay your loan to have quick financial freedom, you are welcome to do so without paying anything.

Money Disbursal on Same Day

As soon as we have your consent on our loan quote, we instantly release the required money to your active bank account.

No Surprising Costs

Unlike other private lenders in the UK, we do not surprise you with any cost. Only the affordable interest rates you need to pay.

Who Can Apply for Personal Loans for Bad Credit in the UK?

Anyone who needs urgent funding can get acceptance on loans for bad credit from direct lender. We have prepared such loan deals that suit people with any age group and financial background.

There are no strict obligations to follow, and the procedure is easier to get funds within an hour. You can continue with your application if you belong to any of these borrowers’ categories:-

  • Homeowners or Tenants
  • Employed or Unemployed
  • Student or Retired
  • Good Credit to Poor Credit
  • Self-Employed or Business owners
  • Single Parents

At EasyLoanHub, we offer a series of loan offers for everyone. We provide you with only affordable loans with manageable interest rates from your monthly income.

Can I Get Unsecured Personal Loans on Income Only? Yes, You Can!

EasyLoanHub is a follower of modern-age online lending. We set an objective for ourselves to keep the lending simple and straightforward.

It is the reason why our loan criterion is only your monthly income and affordability. It means you do not need to pledge any asset, no restriction of bad credit score and no obligation of bringing a guarantor.

We like to analyse your income capacity and then approve the loan application on your affordability.

When it comes to income, you have an extra advantage. What is it? Indeed, you are curious to know the advantage, we tell you.

We have lending products also on unsecured loans for unemployed people. Yes, there is no worry, even if you do not have a full-time income. We have made specific arrangements like:-

Part-Time Income

Part-Time Income

We can consider your part-time income if you are not doing a full-time job. However, it should be a minimum of £400 and have the capacity of managing monthly instalments.

Living on Benefits

Living on Benefits

In the UK marketplace, many lenders do not approve the loan applications of those living on benefits. At Easy Loan Hub, we can approve your loan applications despite living on benefits. The application procedure will remain online.

Pursuing Education

Pursuing Education

Students often have the difficult of owing to their full-time income when they apply for loans. We are flexible for them, too and consider their loan applications based on their side income.

These arrangements reveal that EasyLoanHub is an ideal and reliable direct lender in the UK, offering unsecured personal loans on flexible lending and feasible norms.

Advantages of Unsecured Personal Loans

Getting unsecured loans in the UK is not a big deal. However, you have to get a helping hand from a responsible and trustworthy direct lender like us.

EasyLoanHub vouches for ensuring such a reliable lending hub where you can borrow funds without any doubt and obstacle. Unsecured personal loans are available on multiple benefits, which come beyond the borrowers’ credit scores. These are:-

  • Instant Loan Approval:

    Despite not pledging an asset, you have every chance of getting the loan approval on the almost full guarantee. It means you get the approval straightway, even on the same day of the application submitted by you.

  • No Risk of Losing Assets:

    Unsecured personal loans do not involve the risk of losing the assets because there is no need of pledging them. In addition, you will have the extra benefit of getting funds instantly with not many obligations to chase.

  • Flexible Lending Terms:

    Many people ask why you should apply from direct lenders. Applying for a loan from us allows you to get the interest rates and repayment terms according to your affordability. You have a minimum chance of loan repayments.

  • Best Option during Financial Emergency:

    Financial emergencies have become a part of life. We also have the solution for these circumstances by offering short-term loans like instant cash loans or unsecured personal loans.

  • Lending doors open for adverse credit scores:

    Our personal loans in the UK are available even for those with adverse credit scores or those having CCJ against their names. The approval comes from their loan affordability.


Our Happy Borrowers

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