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Unsecured Loans Bad Credit

You must have a lot of financial challenges to go par with having a bad credit situation. Applying for the loans becomes a necessary task especially when you are seriously lacking the funds. In these circumstances, you should have something that can work specifically. Unsecured loans for bad credit are indeed those funding means, which not only work but revive your financial situation. These loans include no obligation of submitting an asset or presenting a guarantor. Thus, borrowers find easier to manage with the loans. We bring these instant loans online to ensure quick approval as well as funding. At EasyLoanHub, we are available all the time through our online presence and ready to help you in crucial times. We run the loan process on quick platform and ensure instant approval decision.


Credit Problems We Ignore

As the responsible direct lender in the UK, EasyLoanHub has opened the opportunities for people with bad credit scores and those with very poor credit records.

  • Defaults, CCJs and Arrears
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (Completed)
  • Fulfilled debt management plan
  • Bankruptcy

We want that you keep progressing in your financial life despite having so much of trouble. For instance, if you are settling your IVA with the creditors, we can consider your loan application.

What Do I Need To Get Unsecured Loans For Bad Credit?

You should have the specific financial circumstances to obtain the necessary funding. We can approve your loan application depending what is your financial situation is.

  • Keep a salary/income proof of the previous 9 months.
  • Make timely bill payments and keep a faultless current financial behaviour
  • You have not changed your job in the last 9 months, if possible 1 year
  • Try to present an additional income (rental, income from freelance/part-time etc.)
  • Reside at the same address for a longer period as it will impact your loan application to be on the positive side

Fulfil these essential eligibility requirements, which we think easy to follow. Meanwhile, try to maintain your personal finances on the balanced side and avoid making mistakes again. With these factors, you can get unsecured loans for bad credit on instant approval. Besides, you can also seek improvement in your credit scores if you timely repay the loans under the given schedule.

What we promise

  • Online Loan Application
  • No Documentation
  • Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • No Guarantor Required
  • No Hidden Fees

How Much Can I Borrow In Unsecured Bad Credit Loans?

The minimum and maximum limit to borrow funds is –

Minimum is £1000 ………..Maximum is £50,000

The final amount should be decided according to your financial situation and affordability. Asking for a higher amount unnecessarily or beyond your affordability is unsuitable for your loan chances. Missing any repayment later will impact your credit score. We always suggest you go for only that amount, which you can repay quickly.

We Also Offer Soft Credit Check

With us, you can borrow money without any impact of a credit check through soft search. This type of search does your identity search and leaves no mark on financial record. Lender does the credit check of each borrower but not to reject their applications. It does so to ensure the loan deal on the affordability. Sometimes, we also offer unsecured loan with no credit check only when borrower's are showing good performance in current times.

Where you can use Unsecured Bad Credit Loans For

You can use loans for any financial purpose. While approving the loans, we do not ask for the reason because our primary concern is the timely repayment. –

  • House repair
  • Debt consolidation
  • Emergency expenses
  • Health/medical bills
  • Move to another place/city
  • Educational expenses
  • Wedding expenses Etc.

Reasons can be anything, but unsecured loans for bad credit can solve your financial mess. You can implement your plan because our funding support is always there for you. We bring you unsecured poor credit loans on instant decision so that you can have much needed financial help in quick times.

Why Should I choose only Direct Lenders not others?

The primary reason to choose the direct lenders is their 100% online procedure. You have all the convenience while applying for the loans. Direct lending offers you the same convenience. Things get done faster and smoothly. To make the things clearer for you, we have done following comparison between direct lenders and traditional lenders. However, you have to take the final decision and whom to approach. EasyLoanHub does offer lending amount but also guide in attaining financial balance in your life.

Direct Lending Mainstream Banks Peer-to-peer lending
100% paperless procedure Documentation with a physical presence Less popular than direct and mainstream lending.
Lower rate of interest Low rate but not as low as direct lenders High-interest rate
Small monthly instalments Not too small not too big instalments Hefty instalments
No rejection if current income status is good Rejection may be there due to strict norms Rejection may happen, but funds are easier to apply

Why Choose EasyLoanHub?

Lender should be responsible enough to provide the timely financial assistance. EasyLoanHub is committed to offer you the same with the best borrowing meet with flexibility in the lending norms. Therefore, we bring loans on the following features:

  • Flexible lending policy
  • Small online service
  • Secured information
  • 4.5 start rating
  • No broker required
  • Fund disbursal in 24 hours
  • Presence all across the UK

We do not give you any single chance to feel disappointed. At EasyLoanHub, we are experienced enough to invite you to the most innovative deals on bad credit unsecured loans with no guarantor. These loans are enough to tackle your financial emergencies and give you a much-needed peace of mind.


What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is short-term loan that people apply without pledging an asset. This loan is available irrespective of credit score status. You can obtain this loan online through the paperless process if you have a good current income.

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