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Some people may find it challenging to go out and look for loans. Disability and old age are the primary concerns that people are not able to go out. They prefer loans at their doorstep.

If the borrower cannot come to the lender physically, the lender goes to the borrower through home collection loans. You can easily fund your instant and emergency expenses with such types of loans.

These doorstep loans are suitable for short term needs and give the leverage to the borrower to use them in whatever they want.

Once you apply for the loan, a local agent is assigned that assists and guides you throughout the process. The loan amount is disbursed at your doorstep once the loan is approved. Further, the agent collects the repayments from your home.

Seeking home collection loans during the urgency is always the right decision. We are preparing a deal that goes with your current financial capacity. It paves the way for almost the guaranteed approval.

Borrowing limit Up to £3000
Repayment Tenure 6-12 months
Repayment options Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly
Early Repayment Fees £0
Interest Rate Competitive and Affordable

What are Home Collection Loans?

Home collection loans offer the opportunity to the borrowers to receive the loan amount and make repayments from their homes. As a borrower, you deal with a local agent over the phone or face-to-face and get the best loan deals.

With your current favourable situation, you can bag the right deal and get easy repayment terms. The repayments on the loan are collected from the home at a suitable time by the agent (dedicated point of contact for you). The agent will assist you with all your queries throughout the process.

Home collection loans provide a simple and straightforward way for the borrowers to borrow money, with friendly and approachable service.

To offer you with the right deal, there is an affordability assessment. Once there is clarity on your affordability, you can apply online. You can also explore various options on our handy calculator.

Can I borrow home collection loans with bad credit?

A bad credit score can happen to anyone, and we appreciate that it is not indicative of you as a person. We do not judge borrowers even if they have a poor credit history. You may qualify for home collection loans for bad credit with us.

We look for more than your past financial performance, and a less than perfect credit score may not hold you back. To help you out, there are several factors that we consider, such as:-

  • Employment status
  • Income and expenditure
  • Any security provided by you

With not so good credit, it may make it difficult for you to get a loan from banks or other lenders. However, as one of the reputed home collected credit companies, we consider all applications individually, whatever your circumstances are.

A patchy credit cannot stop you from borrowing these loans from us. Why not try it now?

How do Home Collection Loans Prove to be Beneficial?

If you opt for loans at home, you are attracting a good loan deal from us. Once you have decided, we will assign a local representative to visit you. He will give you clarity about your loan needs and financial situation.

The loan deal will be offered with a manageable and corresponding repayment plan. Some other benefits of such loans are as follows:

  • Less Paperwork involved

    The documentation and paperwork involved are minuscule. If preferred, the process is remote and can be done directly from your bank account. You face minimum hassle while applying for home collection loans from a direct lender.

  • Multipurpose loans

    Home credit loans are multipurpose in functionality. If you find yourself in a fix and cannot manage your day-to-day expenses, this loan option is your go-to option. Instant home repairs, car fixing, and buying essential items are your instant expenses that require your financial attention.

  • Easy repayments

    Usually, these loans involve small borrowing that can be paid back easily over lesser months instead of years.

  • Solution to your urgent requirements

    Compared to other forms of lending, home collection credit can be completed in just one sitting. During your emergency, you can easily access the loan money. You have to search for “home collection loans near me”, and we are there to cater to your emergency.

  • No interference of third-party

    There is no need for a broker to find a loan deal and start the loan process. The borrower is directly in communication with our lending agent. This eliminates any chances of hidden costs and fees.

What are the Possible Disadvantages of Home Collection Credit?

Before you apply for home collection credit, it is essential to weigh both sides. Once you are aware, you can have a clear picture of how to match your financial needs with the right loan deal.

While you decide, you can consider the following factors and get to the right decision for your sound financial health.

  • Short term lending-

    Unlike long-term loans, most of the home collection credit is in the form of short-term loans. These are instant cash loans to allow smaller amounts to obtain. These loans may not serve as the right option for large expenses for you.

  • No impact on overall credit score-

    No credit check is involved while borrowing such loans. Borrowing these loans will have no impact on your overall credit score. You can use the borrowed sum for instant usage and cover your emergency expenses.

  • High-interest rate-

    Small loans usually have higher interest rates than long-term loans. Besides, you do not need any guarantor or collateral. Lenders keep the rates higher to minimise the risk.

Are Home Collection Loans available for Unemployed People?

If you have recently lost your job and living on benefits, you are still eligible for home collection credit with us. Each applicant’s situation is being weighed rationally.

As soon as you can demonstrate your capacity to repay on time, we offer you easy approval on a home collection loan. Your current financial situations also play a crucial role in your loan approval, along with your repayment capacity.


There are two advantages of availing of these doorstep loans for the unemployed situation:

  • Getting a loan will give you instant access to money if an emergency arises. But if you get the loan, you should be confident of your repayments, as it will suit your financial performance.
  • A home credit loan or any loan borrowing involves a flexible interest rate. Hence, you can easily manage your repayments despite having no job and improve your credit scores.

If I cannot make the repayment on my loan, what’s next?

As a borrower, you may not be able to make it up for the repayments, or there may be a delay. In such a scenario, you should contact us as soon as you realise that you may face a problem in repaying.

It is advisable to be honest, and transparent with your situation. As a responsible lender, we understand and discount special occasions.

Post discussing with you your situation. We may offer a new repayment schedule to help you manage your repayments. If you miss a repayment, there will be no penalty, but it may impact your credit score. Moreover, it may limit your choice of credit in the future.

Why should I Apply for Home Collection Loans from EasyLoansHub?

We work diligently to sail people through their periods of financial difficulties. We are a leading doorstep lender across the province. You can easily find us online by typing “home collected loans near me”.

We look at individual circumstances for all our borrowers before jumping to any conclusion. All our borrowers are assigned a local friendly representative to answer and solve all the loan related queries.

With our doorstep cash loans, we make it convenient for our borrowers to fund their emergency and short term expenses.

Home collection loans are just one of our flexible deals. We have many more in our bucket, like small business loans, installment loans, and car loans, to bring many favours to our borrowers. You can trust us because we follow these norms:

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Fair lending
  • Trustworthiness

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What is the difference between a home collection loan and a doorstep loan?

Home collection loans are alternatively known as doorstep loans. These loans are categorised as personal loans and delivered to the borrower’s home. The agent visits the borrowers and completes the loan formalities. Also, the loan amount and repayments are done at the borrower’s home.

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